​​​​Paul is an award winning Tattoo

Artist and whilst he loves doing

‘Black and Grey’ work he also

welcomes the opportunity to

use his talents in working up

creative, unique and colourful


He is a frequent visitor to

conventions, not only to work but

also to discover and explore new

concepts and techniques.

Always pushing himself as an artist,

Paul provides a unique service that,

by combining the latest techniques

with his extensive creative talents,

is able to ensure clients fulfill their

creative dreams.


the house of pain tattoos


Is a leading Tattoo and Body Modification Studio based in Bordon, Hampshire, we changed our name from Kneedles Ink back in 2015. But that is only part of the story, and a small part at that… 

We give visual and creative meaning to the way that people want to express themselves via their bodies. Our studios are like theatres where we work with clients to create artistically striking and unique ways in which they can display their desired body image.

We are a talented, innovative and passionate husband and wife team, Paul and Barby. Having trained with the best everything we do is underpinned by the highest levels of hygiene, integrity and respect.

Never losing sight of the fact that everyone is an individual we understand that people have a whole range of reasons for wanting our services. We discuss people’s ideas, develop their vision into reality and advise on the procedures. We give expression to people’s ideas.

Our thirty five plus years of combined experience fuels our passion and leaves us uniquely placed to provide the best Tattoo and Piercing services available, anywhere.


Tom Payne

​Tom has recently finished his apprenticeship and is keen to enlarge his portfolio

We are friendly, fun and professional. Come and see us.

Our opening hours are flexible but are based around the following:

Tuesday - Friday 11am - 7pm
Saturday - Sunday 11am - 6pm
Closed Mondays and Bank Holidays

About US


​Barby is the Master Piercer. Qualified in Piercing well over 17 years ago.